buttonThe Law Firm of SMITH & GLAUSER is prepared to assist you in your most complex legal matters. We have experienced litigators who are ready, willing and able to represent your company and/or your insureds in defense of liability claims. The attorneys at SMITH & GLAUSER are trial attorneys. We are prepared to handle your litigation cases - from beginning to end. We have extensive litigation experience and would be happy to discuss our services with you.

We are able to handle declaratory actions to resolve issues concerning the extent of coverage afforded by insurance policies of other insurance coverage issues. We are able to assist in investigation of claims, rendering opinion letters, taking examinations under oath, evaluating the merits of claims asserted, legal research, preparing disputed matters for Mediation, Arbitration or Litigation, and performing other legal tasks.

We are able to assist in matters involving insurance disputes, contract disputes, breach of contract claims, personal injury litigation, products liability claims, malpractice claims, arson, fraud, slip–and-fall accidents, automobile accidents, tractor-trailer accidents, construction defects and injuries, and a host of other claims.

Why Litigate?

Some matters simply need to be litigated - either because of the nature of the matter itself, the factual or legal disputes which needs to be resolved by a judge or jury, or because of the over-reaching demands of Plaintiff.

Litigation is time consuming, expensive and "risky." However, sometimes litigation is the only way to resolve a dispute. This is particularly so when there are significant questions of law or questions of fact in dispute, unreasonable settlement demands, or uncooperative attorneys, claimants or parties.

When a case is in litigation, the parties seek to acquire information (evidence) to support their position and to determine whether the evidence supports or refutes the evidence of the other party. The evidence accumulated will eventually be submitted to a neutral third party (either a judge or jury) to resolve the dispute and to render a legally binding decision.

It is important that you have a representative who knows what information is essential to the development of your case - and who will be able to present that information to the judge or jury in such a manner so as to most effectively present your case. We have the background, training and expertise to accomplish that task.


Your Case

Every case is unique. Many cases simply need to be tried. It is not possible to determine if your case should proceed through traditional litigation avenues without consideration of all of the factors which may influence that important decision.

We would be happy to discuss your case with you. Please contact us.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Many clients recognize the advantages of pursuing alternatives to traditional litigation – in appropriate cases.  Time and expense can often be greatly reduced through alternative dispute resolution.

At the law firm of SMITH & GLAUSER, we are prepared to assist in pursuing such alternatives to traditional litigation.

Arbitration,  Mediation, and traditional litigation each serve an important role in resolving  legal disputes.



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Requests for Information

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The best way for you to inquire about a possible representation is to call a SMITH & GLAUSER, P.C. attorney. An attorney will first take you through our conflict of interest procedure and see that you are put in touch with the lawyer to discuss your particular matter in more detail.

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